What is the “Turf the Turf” Tour?

Think about your front lawn – how much of your summer is spent watering and mowing it? There may be other more creative and productive ways to use your front yard.  Whether you want to spend less time maintaining it or want to take up a new project, Turf the Turf hopes to inspire you to reconsider your lawn by sharing existing examples with you on a fun bike tour around the city. There are many options, such as xeriscaping (using native plants), front yard gardening or even installing original art that can display your creativity and offer you new ways to relate with your environment and your neighbourhood.

Turf the Turf was an accessible 2  hour interactive bike tour of  sites where people  already use their front yard in creative ways.  The tour included a map and audio files  to enhance the experience.

The Tour is no longer available as it is out-of-date. Thank you for your interest in the project.


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