Here are some links you may be interested in:


Okanagan Xeriscape Association has all sorts of information, including a database of plants that lets you know what kind of plants do best in what kinds of conditions, especially relevant to the Okanagan Valley.

Waterwise Landscape Design provides xeriscaping expertise in the Okanagan valley.

Here’s an article on xeriscaping by the magazine, Canadian Gardener.

Gardens and Gardening


Kelowna supports a couple of commercial urban farmers who use spaces in the city, including front lawns to support themselves and their customers. Lawns to Legumes operates on the principles of community supported agriculture. Most of their spaces are based in Rutland. Green City Acres describes themselves as “spin farmers”. They farm multiple urban sites primarily using bicycle power to transport equipment and harvest around town. In their own words,  “in 2012, we grew over 50, 000 lbs of food without owning any land, using 100% natural, organic methods and only 80 litres of gasoline.”

Preservation Farm, originally a UBCO project, describes itself as “committed to educating our community (and learning with them) about the benefits of naturally grown, pesticide free produce. We want to combine this with programs to support such learning and growing food in the Okanagan, both to provide food for charities and to help others grow, both food and their health.”

Element Eco Design is a north Okanagan service that offers permaculture design, consulting, education and edible landscaping

Kelowna Permaculture has information on  permaculture activities in the city, including the local Sharing Backyards program. Sharing Backyards is an international program with local chapters that will match people with gardening space available with people needing gardening space. Hopefully, it will think about a name and focus change to Sharing Yards.

The City of Kelowna has information on Communities in Blooms  which includes the Green Thumb Award for local citizens.

Other Gardens

Kitchen Garderners International offers information and planning software to help you establish your garden at home.  They describe their mission as “to empower individuals, families, and communities to achieve greater levels of food self-reliance through the promotion of kitchen gardening, home-cooking, and sustainable local food systems.”

Artist Fritz Haeg has a project called Edible Estates where he helps establish front yard vegetable gardens in cities around the world.

Mark Bittman offers an interesting opinion piece about front yard vegetable gardening in the New York Times.

Local Cycling

It’s good to support local businesses, especially ones like ChainLine Cycle that support local projects such as Turf the Turf. If you sign up for the tour, you are eligible for a discount on a bike tune up from ChainLine Cycle. Thank you Darrin and staff!

The Kelowna Area Cycling Association promotes cycling and cycling safety in the city and surrounding district.  You can also like them on Facebook.

Yard Art

Elizabeth Bank’s Pinterest site on yard art offers all sorts of inspiration for making arts and crafts, from kitschy to classy,  for your garden.  For other ideas and information, search “how to make yard art”

Recycling or “up-cycling” is a great way to make unique yard art. Recyclart is just one site that offers ideas.  Search “recycle art” for more ideas.

If you would rather support an artist, there are plenty of local sculptors, many of whom create outdoor work and whom would be happy to help you.


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