Monthly Archives: September 2013

Saturday’s Tour Full

Saturday’s tour is full up but there is still room to participate in Sunday’s tour. Hope to see you there!


Great Kickoff to the Tours!

Well, we did go – five participants, Gwen Steele and myself (Maggie). The weather held for us and we even got some sunshine along the way. Thanks to the folks who participated.  I’m excited for tomorrow and Sunday!

To go or not?

I’ve just sent an e-mail to participants and guides to get feedback.  If you have signed up and want to go this afternoon, we can. There are also two more days for guided tours. So let me know, either through email or through this page whether you want to do the tour or save it for a  drier day.

Kids Tour!

A special edition of audio files for the under 12 set have been created and are available for download  on the Tour Sign up and Information Page.  They engage the kids in a fun and educational explanation of many of the concepts talked about on the tour. Each of the kids files is approximately the same length or longer than the adult files so that you have time to listen too. P.S. Don’t be surprised if they start dancing, singing or waving their arms!