Monthly Archives: June 2013

Living Wall at the Kelowna Art Gallery

Last weekend, a new Living Wall was launched at the Kelowna Art Gallery. Congratulations, Kyle and KAG.  Here are some photos of the Wall.

KAG2          KAG1KAG3  KAG4

The tour is shaping up nicely but not ready to be revealed yet. As I’ve been scouting locations, I’ve taken a few photos of vegetation along the way. The first photo shows some lovely zuccini blossoms. The second and third photos are from a xeriscape garden.





Turf the Turf News – June 14, 2013

The project is just getting started and already there is so much enthusiasm from the community. I’ve been talking with xeriscape experts, master gardeners, cyclists, neighbourhood associations, home owners and other people here in Kelowna. I’ve been scoping yards in my neighbourhood, and several other people have been sharing sites with me as well. Once you start looking, it’s amazing and refreshing to see how many people are planting drought-resistant plants and even “turfing the turf”.

We’re hoping to develop at least two tours; one in central Kelowna and one in Rutland. We’re  especially keen to find creative front yards in Rutland, so if you know of any, please email

I also recently attended some of the talks at the Arts & Culture Summit, spearheaded and organized by the City of Kelowna Arts & Culture office. It was great to see funders, arts organizations and artists all talking about community engagement.  There seems to be a strong desire for these types of projects, which speaks highly for Kelowna and its future.

Finally, this weekend is the 16th Annual Kelowna Garden Tour. It promises to be an interesting and inspiring event. Hope to meet you along the way.